Gift Cards That Gives Back

   Q: How does my Organization get started? 

          A: The organization simply enrolls by contacting us, reviewing & approving agreement, and deciding a start date.    

   Q: What is required of my Organization?

 A: It is up to the Organization to put emails or reminders in place to PROMOTE your custom branded website and the more often you do, the                 better results you will have.

               This is a re-direction of funds they already spend, but being the “Creatures of Habit” that we are need to be reminded often about such things.                  We suggest emails a couple times per week during the startup and then adding a link and graphic to your newsletter.  If you have any type of                     text reminder available those are great as well.  

               Remember, the more you promote, the more orders to help support your Cause, Purpose, & Mission!    

  Q: How long does it take to setup an account?

          A: After the agreement has been approved by the organization and received by CCB, it will only take 5-7 business days to have the Branded                            Website for your organization ready to go!

  Q: Why should our Organization partner with CharityCa$hback?

a.   Because we have created a solution to help your organization create a year-round fundraising program and members can actually help by purchasing from stores they frequent anyway.

b.   We have made this TRANSPARENT.  The Organization will have its own login to see the daily, weekly, and monthly sales.  We are truly here to help you raise more funds than any program you have ever tried or attempted before; but on a YEAR AROUND basis!

          c.   No more asking kids or “parents” to go door-to-door and sell overpriced cookie dough, wrapping paper, popcorn or candles.  Members and their                   friends will simply be buying what they already spend their money on anyway!  Grandparents will LOVE buying from and for the grand-kids                         through gift cards! 

d.   Members feel good by helping their organization that they VALUE and are a part of through EVERY gift card they purchase!

          e.   We take care of customer support, fulfillment, and paying the organizations at the end of each month.  There is nothing for the organization to                  handle except letting its members know about this opportunity!   

          f.     CCB will Direct Deposit funds via Automated Clearing House “ACH” from our bank directly to the organizations bank account of choice by the                      10th of each month!

          g.  Best of all it is FREE to setup and get started!  Yes, FREE!