Charity Cashback

Gift Cards that gives back!

What is Charity Ca$hback?

Charity Ca$hback “CCB” is dedicated to helping any organization create a new stream of revenue utilizing a customized website for your members.

Through the CCB program, members can purchase gift cards for their everyday living expenses.

The most exciting and logical fundraising program created; Everybody Wins!

How Does it Work?

Your organization signs up for a free Charity Ca$hback membership.

CCB creates a website and custom URL for your organization FREE of charge.

Your organization shares the website/URL with its members, and they can share with friend.

Members of your organization purchase gift cards through the customized website.

Your organization receives a cashback donation for each purchase made through their branded website.

Your organization grows its revenue stream without the demand of traditional fundraising.

What Are The Benefits?

Members support organization by their everyday expenses: groceries, travel, outdoor, home improvement, clothing, dining and more!

No more of the traditional fundraising hassles.

No high priced candy bars or popcorn.

You save time and energy.

Simple, fun, easy, FREE & PAINLESS!


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Our Organization have been using Charity Cashback’s services through gift cards. Charity CB has been an incredible company to work with and their customer services is the BEST! Never any problems and always there to help. The tracking information lets us know when to expect any physical cards ordered also.

Our members enjoy having ecards available for a lot of stores and restaurants as well. Simple and easy!

Dyan L

Apple Valley, CA

My wife and I have purchased a lot of cards from the CashBack Company. Many of the cards we use as donations to our Church. We have been extremely pleased with the prompt service that we have received from CCB.

We hope to do business with them for many years to come.

Pat & Jan G.

Eagle River, Wisconsin

Their service has been ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!

We order a lot of grocery cards & EBAY. The way CCB emails us tracking information and along with incredibly fast turnaround on E-gift cards are amazing. They call us if there is ever a problem or question and customer support has been incredible. Very pleasant to work with.

Evan & Julie M.

Macomb, MI

I would like to express my appreciation and thank you to the Cashback Company, for the excellent service this company has given me. All orders have arrived on time without any problem as to the quantity or value on cards. CBC has been very dependable and each order is followed up with USPS tracking number.

To conclude, the staff at CCB are always helpful and respond quickly to any and all questions that I may have regarding my orders. I would not use any other company.

Judy H.

Thompsons Station, TN

We highly recommend the CCB company. My husband and I have been ordering grocery and other shopping gift cards from them for over 2 years. They have been impeccable! Their employees are wonderful to work with and if we have any questions, they get back with us almost immediately. We have never had a lost package and because they ship with USPS we get a tracking email from them as well.

So blessed to recommend the Cashback Company to you.

Mike and Sheli K.

ELake Stevens, WA

I love the ease and speed I am able to shop and have Starbucks, CVS, Panera Bread and other e-cards from the Cashback company. It’s truly great!

Additionally, I’ve been very impressed with their service and promptness with my emails and phone calls any time I’ve had questions.

Friendly & Great Service!

David W.

San Diego, CA

About Charity Ca$hback

James was the COO and partner of a Dallas company that specialized in providing lifestyle benefits to large groups and associations for just over 12 years. Toward the end of 2014, he saw the need for a service that provided a variety of gift cards for a large group that came over from Europe with several hundred thousand members and launched TheCashbackCards [TCBC].

In 2017, he sold his ownership in the Dallas Company and started a new company and program to fill an ever demanding need in the gift card space. TCBC has been providing gift cards for this large group of over 200,000 members since 2014 and shipped out millions worth of physical and electronic cards since then.

In 2018, James then saw a way to help Non-Profits, Churches, Schools, and Clubs have a new and improved way of Fundraising without the traditional door-to-door, grandparents, or sales from kids that people really didn’t want or need. With gift cards, both electronic and physical, becoming more and more the gift of choice, we have developed a program for organizations that are looking to raise funds for their cause or purpose known as Charity Ca$hback.

Members who would like to do more for their organization can now do so through their normal everyday spending and stores that they frequent every day. From Christmas, birthday, anniversary and graduation gifts; to now being able to help the cause and purpose through the organization they are a part of and believe in.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve and partner with your organization!

James Johnson

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